Why A Dragonfly?

August 16, 2022 3:56 pm

Look closely and you’ll see an underlying theme throughout the Pantala branding….the auspicious dragonfly. But why is it there? 

Throughout the world the dragonfly is known to symbolize new beginnings, adaptability and living for the moment. A visit from a dragonfly is good luck and, many believe, a connection to the spiritual world. This colorful flying creature has special meaning for both Susan and Ann so it was important to them that the dragonfly be part of Pantala.

When Ann and Susan first met in Park City, Ann and her family had spent the past 11 years living aboard a boat, a trawler named Oso Blanco. At the same time, Susan and her husband were thinking about buying a similar boat to begin their live-aboard lives. Neither knew this about the other at the time, but it didn’t take long to put the pieces together. Months later when it was time for Susan to go cruising, she found the perfect boat: a trawler that was previously named Oso Blanco, the same boat that Ann had lived aboard in the years before they met.

While Susan was cruising aboard this boat, Ann’s mother, Rose, suddenly passed away. While Ann grieved for her loss she began to notice dragonflies in her midst. She didn’t truly believe it was a connection to the spiritual world until her sister reported the same dragonfly experiences. Convinced, Ann started to feel the presence of her mom with each dragonfly visit and found comfort in their company. Dragonflies continue to visit Ann, especially when there are difficult decisions to make or positive reinforcement is needed. They remind her that she is not alone and that her mom is always there for her in spirit.

At the time Susan and her husband moved aboard the boat that was once called Oso Blanco, they chose a new name that embodied the notions of adapting well to change and living life to the fullest. So when Ann told Susan about her connection to the dragonfly it stopped Susan in her tracks: the new name for the boat previously owned by Ann was Dragonfly.