Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Pantala Mediterranean Fusion?

As an appetizer on crostini, as a topping for grilled fish or a side condiment for roast chicken, mixed into eggs for a frittata, stirred into pasta, as a topping for avocado toast… the list is endless! See our Recipe Section for more ideas and specific directions and check out our Instagram feed for customer photos.

How should I store my jars of Pantala?

Store sealed jars in a cool dark place. Open jars of Pantala should be refrigerated.

How long will the topping stay fresh once it’s been opened?

Once opened and refrigerated, toppings are best used within 10 days.

Can I heat the Pantala Mediterranean topping?

Yes! To retain the fresh and bright flavor, just heat it through and serve immediately. If you want to add it to a sauce, it’s best to add it after everything else has already been cooked, just before serving.

Is Pantala Mediterranean Fusion like a tapenade?

The consistency is similar, and it can be used in similar ways, but Pantala Mediterranean Fusion has more depth of flavor and is less salty. Tapenade consists mostly of olives whereas Pantala Mediterranean Fusion includes olives, red peppers, tomatoes, artichokes, capers and a host of other ingredients.

What’s the difference between the two versions of Pantala Mediterranean Fusion?

It’s the feta cheese. That’s it. We decided to offer a cheese-less, vegan version for those who don’t eat dairy and for those who don’t like feta. You can also add your own cheese-of-choice to the vegan version – try goat’s cheese or Parmesan.